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Palm Lake Retreat - FAQ

How deep is the lake?
The lake is deepest down the middle and depending on water level, five to six feet.

Can any boat be used on the lake?
Due to the depth of the lake, inboard/outboard boats will NOT work.  Competition water ski boats with direct drives or V drives, and outboard fishing boats are okay.

I don’t have a ski boat.  Can I rent one?
With proper insurance and a large security deposit, we can arrange for a boat rental. 

What if I’ve never driven a boat on this kind of lake?  Can you provide a driver?
Yes, a driver is available for hire.

Can I receive water ski or wake board lessons?
Yes, for additional fees, we can arrange to have a professional instructor on site.

How many spaces are there for RV’s?
We have one space for an RV with hooks ups.  Use of this spot is an additional rental charge.  We have several other spaces that can be used without hook ups.

How is the fishing?  What kind of fish are in the lake?  Can we keep the fish?
The fishing is great!  Some days, you can catch up to 100.  The lake is stocked with bass.  We only allow catch and release with a no barb hook.

Is this a hosted site, like a bed and breakfast?
Your vacation will be hosted only if you request it to be!  The estate will be yours exclusively, giving you complete privacy.

I see you have a Go-Cart track.  Are any go-carts or other off road vehicles available for rent?
No, we do not offer these at this time.

Palm Lake Retreat


  • Solar Heated Pool
  • Hot Tub
  • Sand Volleyball Court
  • Go Cart Track
  • Large Children’s Jungle Gym
  • Two Playhouses
  • Tour Bus Parking
  • Fully Stocked Bass Fishing (Catch and release, no barb hooks only)
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